Sunday, January 10, 2010

one day at the oversea~~~

huu...lame da tk update blog nih...kali nie ade cite menarik skit nk share...but kali nie kene buat version BI coz ada kwn i yg tk phm bhs melayu...senang citer wat version BI so that nnti ak tk pyh citer byk kali...hehe... After we had to finish and submit 3 assgmnts in a week so, we deserved to spend one day resting our mind from all those bunch of works that's still in the queue..huhu. journey started at 6.30a.m...(yeah i's very early in the morning, even the sunshine still cnt be seen that time).then, waited for few hours before the journey continues...ave to pass through two immigration station...which took time coz we are in many groups..(thanked God we're using the second link,coz my friend said if it's 1st link..that place will be more busy and crowded...)...about 12.30pm we hd entered singapore and our first visited place was China...hehe...from singapore to china??...these are the nice pic and best moment we had there...

u can just feel like u really are at china...great place they ave there...must come n see u guys... then, the next stop was the city square. Here was the place which gave me funny xperience..huhu~~i cant believe this happened to me here...sigh~~ see my sandal here(at the above pic)...the next pic(at the esplanade...aving ice-cream together)...u see...the wedges gone..even the size is little bigger...we're in hurry...haha..there was an unwanted occurrence...this happened when me and my friend Mimi were about to cross the road..she dont want to cross the road at that time and i was going to,we kinda struggling and my feet was about to dislocated and that time unfortunately my sandal wedges hd almost loosened.huhu...what a pity... we hd searching for a glue in the entire mall with my situation that time which cannot walking fast...and there's NO glue!!! selling at the mall!!!sigh~~~so,last choice,i had to buy a new one...which cost me $10.00 meaning about rm24.00 and that time i only brought $30.00 and 4 more places to go...and i still didnt find the money changer counter at that time...and all the groups in that trip kinda angry at us,coz we late...they hd to wait for us before going to the next place. The third visited place was Arab street.Here i can say it looks like chow kit street or 'masjid India street' coz there ave lots of'll be great shopping for clothing and all those stuff...the price is good here...but for us..we juz 'wash our eyes' saw lots of beautiful things and wanted to buy..but better not to...coz we cannot spend all the money here...3 more to go~~

From the arab street we went to Esplanade (the 'durian' look like...that's what most people said) and Merlion park which is nearby. Along the way to the destination...i can see lots of beautiful buildings...there are many unique and beautiful architecture of buildings which u may think that it's like u have been around the world even though u juz in singapore. there's a building that looks like a white house, a building like in london which is ancient structure like the palace, there a place that u may think u r in france and others...but here the pics which i had the time to capture ...bcoz they r nearby to the place that we visited. this is victoria theater building...hehe...juz me n mimi went here...others r soo bz taking pics at the merlion park...soo boring...many people..i dnt really like the better go somewhere nearby which is more interesting even though not included in the trip plan.(this is the victoria theather building)

And one more thing that i noticed is that the mosques there are small...i think the biggest that they ave there is juz as big as the utm mosque, so they juz ave small place for girls to pray.  After that we headed to the sentosa island.great place...but make sure u bring lots of money with u...or else it will be juz smiling at every interesting game that u wanted to play... (the very frustrated thing is...our tour guide said the money that we paid including the entrance fees...but in sentosa island the entrance not including the games ticket and all!!!sigh~~(T_T)...)so, we juz ave a look around this beautiful place... cant really enjoy ourselves here...huhu....what a pity...what game that u can play if u only ave 20something dollar and the ticket for one game cost u $22.96.??..if we bought that ticket then,we cnt eat... this sentosa island also gave me a memory that i wouldn't forget...hehe...after had looked around few places there,it's time to, we hd tried to find a place to pray but unfortunately they havent any...if we want to pray,we ave to go the nearby city and come back again...but ave to pay for the entrance fee,wut to do??we dnt ave much money..then,we determined to searched for a suitable place there. Along the way to the hall near the beach...hehe...we can see lots of 'free show'...huhu~~ all the hotties and babes were wearing bikini n we saw two men wearing short tight aving their nice evening by roller skating along the beach path way...wuhuuu...dunno where to put my eyes~~~LOL~ ok,back to the mission of searching a place to pray...huu...after about an hour...we decided to juz pray at the open hall at the beach...that time is already magrib, so we found a good spot which is dark, so we wouldnt be obviously noticed by other people. thank God i brought my sock,so we can use the praying cloth as the mat.~Alhamdulillah...we made it.. this is like a challenge for us...we were in the center of the entertainment place...full of seduction...then,around 8.00pm we went back to the beach station. after had dinner, we planned on continuing our exploration in sentosa island...hehe~~

This pic is at the clock tower near the merlion's very nice view at nite(the lights along the way up is changing)..and i spent time with mimi only...coz we had separated and it's hard to find them back, even u have hp...but 1msg will cost u rm2.50...huhu...even msging to uk only rm0.20...huhu~~...others which in this trip...mostly watched the 'song of the sea' show...the main attraction here at  night.this will cost u $10.00 per ticket...but we not really fancy this sing and song,we decided not to go.
(the picture below is me under the bells of the clock tower)

(this is the merlion walk,there's fountain and water flowing down through the sea creatures shapes..)

however...we managed to see that show free...from the clock tower...hehe...yeah...even though we cant see the whole performance but still can ave a clear view of the laser show...with the fountain...great show...but isn't this a brilliant idea...hehe...watching from the clock n still can hear the music..after the show,mimi n i didnt miss our chance to take a pic with the main character of the show. Then, at 9.45p.m we were heading back to malaysia...very tired but worth it...n now hello assingments n reports~!!huhu...wish can spend more time there....maybe we can have a second trip??but next time i'll make sure i bring a glue in my hand bag...hehe(juz got the moral of the story...)~~


アキラ。AkiRa said...

uuuu~~ sliper mahal 10 dollar~~ mari mari~~ slipar mahal 10 dollar... hahahaha... kli nie pnyer post version bi... bagus!!!

PurpleBerry said...

hihi...hope tkde grammatically error yg truk sgt...heheh~~klu ikotkn nk upload lgi byk sgt...